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DIY Glass Calendar

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Nov 19, 2016 Glass wall Calendar   We all have busy lives, and my guess is that it really never gets easier for any of us to keep track of all that’s going on around us. I’ve tried planners, sticky notes, and even writing things on my hand but I always end up forgetting either way. So to help you and me as well, I’ll be sharing how to make this budget-friendly glass calendar. That looks great and hopefully ...
DIY Home Projects

Why Make Your Own Decorative Pillows

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Yes, I make my own pillows, why? I simply don’t like paying $30 for a single pillow, and sadly you always need a pair. If you want to see how I did it, keep reading. My mom was the one that gave me the idea about making pillows. It started out when I was getting married, and she wanted to help me save some money on home essentials. Of course, when you’re starting out as a new family and moving out from the ...
DIY Home Projects

Picture Frame Makeover

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Let’s spice life up a bit, with some new picture frames. Well they won’t necessarily be new, but they will look new and no one has to know that they’re just your old frames in disguise. Just like we remodel our homes, sometimes we also need to remodel our frames. So today I’ll be showing you a very cheap and easy way to give your frames a completely different look. It’s very simple and ...
DIY Home Projects

8 Ways To Use A Tea Cart

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hi everyone, Tea carts are back! Yes, yes, yes! How cute are tea carts? You probably noticed the occasional tea cart while scrolling down your Pinterest, so it must be true, they really are back. But what I noticed is that tea carts are only being used for its purpose. So I’ll be breaking the rules today and saying that I won’t be doing that. I know that we aren’t living in the age where we drink tea ...
DIY Home Projects

DIY Cart Table

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hello Everyone, Today I would like to share my total transformation of an old cart table that cost me under $65. As a gift, we got a record player. My husband loves this thing but personally I’m not the biggest fan.  For almost a year I’ve been trying to find a piece of furniture that would fit this abnormally sized record player and also simultaneously the records as well. So I found my deal on wheels, it ...
DIY Home Projects

Chaise Lounge Makeover

Follow my blog with Bloglovin When I got engaged, my mission was to transform my little old room into a majestic dressing room for the morning of my wedding. The good thing was I had 6 months, so I searched everywhere for beautiful pieces I could use. This one caught my eye, and it ended up being the first piece of furniture that I refinished. Sadly at that time, I didn’t know that I would be sharing my work and so I didn’t record my ...