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Make Hundreds by Selling Your Unwanted Items


One’s man’s trash is another man’s treasure, is a common saying but also very true. So I would love to share with you how you can sell your unwanted or unused items and make hundreds. But first I would like to share my inspiration for writing this post. I’ve been trying to sell an item for about a year, and only after applying these simple task it sold in less than 2 days. Since then I’ve been using this technique and succeeding every time.

Here are some items in your home that are great sellers; video games, tools, appliances and furniture, electronics, china, silverware, antiques, art or frames, wedding decor and dress, sporting goods, musical instruments, furniture, sports cards/sportswear, collectables, children’s toys, bikes, books (college books- Amazon), computers, laptops, phones, clothing and jewelry, designer bags and shoes.

ITEMS: When you have items you are willing to sell, first look at the condition and appearance. Cleaning or fixing up the item can add value to your item.  It’s like if you would sell your car and you would get it detailed and washed, it’s the same with everything else. Appearance is key.

SELLING PLATFORM: Depending on the area and region you live in, you will need to find a selling platform that you can use to post your items. A very popular one is Craigslist, but my personal favorite is OfferUp.

PRICE: To determine what is a reasonable price to sell your items, shop for the item you’re selling. Which means search other selling platforms and also check the one you’re selling on and see the going rate. Tip: Ask a little more than what you’re willing to get for it, then you can “lower” the price for the buyer.

SEASON: The truth is there is a season for all things. So for example, if you’re trying to sell your sports bike you could probably get is sold much quicker and for much more in the summer or spring than if you tried selling in the winter. So before selling, think of when you would use it the most.

PICTURES: Now that we talked about everything you might need to know before selling. We need to talk about how to actually sell your items. If you’re scrolling down a page and something catches your eye it’s most likely because it’s attracting in some way. So when posting your item, TAKE NICE PICTURES! You want the buyers to click your post instead of another and the best way to do that is catch the reader’s eye with a great picture. Tip: Post multiple pictures, of all sides, ends, and details of the item.

DETAILS: Every selling platform has an option for a description of the item. After looking at the picture, the buyer will the look read your description. So you DON’T want your description to say “low miles, clean interior, with GPS”. Always give a well written, full description of the item. With the reason for selling, usage/ownership amount, original price, special features, and your contact information.

REPOST: As time goes by your post will slowly make your way lower and lower on the search page. Don’t hesitate to repost, it moves your content to the very top. I usually would repost every 5-6 days. (If you don’t want to spam, then delete your old post)

I hope these tips can help you sell your items and hopefully make you some side cash in return!

Check out my Bargaining Tips Post for more ideas on finding the best deals!

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  1. Habiba

    March 8, 2017 at 10:15 am

    Hi Darina,
    I am decluttering at the moment….very unusual for me. Normally I am some sort of a pack rat and have huge difficulties letting things go. So I am seizing the moment and get rid of many things. After I last moved house, I tried to sell my things on flea markets but I don’t like the getting up so early part and really it wasn’t that much money. As the boxes are packed now, I keep wandering back to them with my mind. Should I try to sell things? I planned on giving them to charity shops in the neighborhood. What do you suggest?
    Love, Habiba


      March 9, 2017 at 8:24 pm

      I really depends on what your decluttering, I would recommend OfferUp as a selling source! A lot of small things that you could only less for couple bucks are definitely worth donating, especially clothes. But everything else could definitely be worth trying to sell. Let me know if I can help with anything else.

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