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How to Properly Decorate your Christmas Tree

Your Christmas tree is the centerpiece of all your Christmas decor, so it’s important to get it right. You might not be decorating your Christmas tree properly and you don’t even know it. It’s no secret on how to get the most beautifully decorated tree, get follow these simple tips.

  1. Find the perfect tree & keep it alive

To have a beautifully decorated tree, you need a beautiful tree, no matter the style, shape, or size. Here are just a few tips on finding the right tree.If using an artificial tree, your all set move onto the next step, just fluff it up really nicely.

– Look for bald spots, if your tree is missing a few branches and it’s noticeable, you might need to rethink the pick.

– Look inside or underneath, If the tree is browned on the inside, it might be drying out.

– Check water levels daily, and use a tree preservative for a fresh tree all season long!


2. Maybe some Flock?

I’m a huge fan of flocked trees, we don’t get to much snow in Seattle so this makes it feel a little more Christmasy.

  • Flock should be applied before lights, you don’t want the flock to cover up any light
  • Evenly dispense flock through the entire tree, layer as must as desired.



Lights are the most important part of the tree, so let’s make sure to cover it all.

  • 100 lights per foot, MINIMUM!
  • Lights come in either green or white wire strands, choose according to the color of the tree. To get a beautiful blend and lights with no wires in sight.
  • Start at the base, and work your way up. Cover major branches and work from the inside out, to get a dramatic light effect.

3. Garlands (optional)

Christmas tree decor

Christmas tree decor



If using any garland, you can wrap around or do a wave-like flow around the tree.

  • Start at the top and work your way down, increasing the space between each garland.
  • To avoid a busy look, use varies kinds of garlands, thin or thick. Play a little mix and match, for a beautiful blend.

4. Ornaments

Finally, it’s time for the ornaments.

  • Showcase your favorites in the front of the tree.
  • Have a variety, especially in size and shape of the ornament and spread out evenly.
  • Pick a color scheme or theme, and stick to it, you don’t want a busy look.
  • For a professional designer tree, fill the tree up.

5. And All Else

Christmas tree decor

  • Any greenery stems are a great addition to fill space or missing branches.
  • A tree skirt is a must to cover up the tree stand or one of my favorites are the big baskets or tree collars that are now a popular alternative.

6. Tree topper

This is the final touch for your very beautifully decorated tree.

  • For large or small trees, match the size according to your tree.
  • Use bows, stars, or angels.
  • A lighted tree topper makes a huge difference at the first impression.

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