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Home & Life Tips

How to be a Better Hostess for your Guest

Dec 1, 2016   All year round we have parties, get together’s, and celebrations. All though they should be the happiest days of our lives, we turn them into the most dreadful and stressful events. Usually, it’s because we are hosting and we want everything to be PERFECT. However while trying to live up to this expectation we lose the real meaning of hosting. Hosting is about building relationships and memories with those surrounding you. ...
Home & Life Tips

Tips for Finding & Bargaining for a Great Deal

  Hi everyone, If you ever visited my blog you would know that I find great deals for my projects. Mostly it includes furniture and home décor because that’s what I blog about mostly. But today I will be sharing how I find my deals and some bargaining tips that will get you what you want for the price you want. These tips apply mostly for second-hand websites like Craigslist, OfferUp, etc. Before I begin I would like to share the site I ...