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6 Ways to Style your Fireplace Mantel


Styling your fireplace mantel can change the appearance of the entire room. It is one of the focal points of the room and it speaks a lot of how you want your home to be portrayed.

Decorate your fireplace mantel in the best way that suits you, here are 6 ideas that can help you get started on one of the best projects yet.

[Mirror] A mirror makes a really easy and simple decor stage for a fireplace mantel. Choose a style of mirror that complements your home and fireplace.

[Picture frames] Multiple or single frames (depending on size) create a very personal look. Choose from calligraphy or pictures and style to fashion.

[Candles] For a romantic mood, combine various sizes of candles for a stunning elegant evening look.

[Floral] Plant lovers, here is your new idea. Assemble your plants for a beautiful greenery look and watch it grow!

[All of the above] Combine your favorite ideas for your own personalized fireplace mantel.

[Seasonal] Add seasonal compliments for that extra homie feeling.

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  1. Lily Bee

    August 8, 2017 at 8:43 pm

    These are such great ideas!! Will have to keep this post in mind if we ever have a fireplace mantle…I really like the “All of the above”; super home-y!

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